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The emotion of customised wellness

It is the true “dispenser” of wellness for your vacation: a place where you can free yourself of tension and get back time, where you can enjoy indispensable appointments of “ego-therapy”,

a place that also gives couples important opportunities to find a new awareness of “togetherness”, to discover new affinities and complicity. Finally, the perfect location for teaching adolescents to respect their bodies. A hotel and SPA suspended between different generations that are united however by the very need to find some time for themselves.

Our list of treatments offers a wide range of choices:

massages and treatments from around the world, from West to East, and especially by expert hands

over 40 different treatments offered by a team of physiotherapist and wellness specialists, who are skilled in applying the technique that best suits your needs and preferences. More choices, more content.

Cot or tatami mat, background music, soft lighting, oil and essences: touch, friction, kneading, vibration, acupressure, percussion ... and the massage makes you feel better. 12 professionals and 12 cubicles for Health, Wellness & Beauty

Which area of your body needs our care and attention the most?

Which treatment is the most appropriate for the well-being of your physical and psychophysical state and for which you are curious to try?

We invite you to discover it with our interactive "human maps"

We present to you a selection of our treatments, to relieve pain, restore psychological and physical balance, rehabilitate the body and brighten up the spirit. Please click on the treatment that you are interested in and discover the technique, its beneficial effects and inquisitiveness.

Circulatory treatments

L’efficienza del sistema circolatorio periferico è, per il nostro corpo, garanzia di salute e bellezza.
This is demonstrated by the fact that when our peripheral circulation begins losing its efficiency, edemas, swelling, and orange peel start to appear in the skin, often accompanied by disturbances such as a sense of heaviness, fatigue, the feeling of needles and pins, and cramps. RitzSPAce faces the disorders linked to circulatory disturbances with an ample offer of complementary and synergetic treatments that restores efficiency to peripheral circulation and the health of the entire organism, providing release from blemishes, dysfunctions and complexes.

Naturopathy: Time for yourself, time recovered

It is complementary medicine used to manage a patient’s health mainly by stimulating the innate capacity of self-healing (homeostasis).
There are various naturopathy treatments: massages, hydrotherapy, chromo-puncture/chromotherapy, floritherapy, climatotherapy, aromatherapy, and many others.

In such an ecologically sensitive context as RitzSPAce, completely natural treatments inspired by the Euganean Hills thermal territory are entirely at home. Complementing this innate sensitivity for the environment, we offer an interesting approach to Green Medicine and the biological/organic farming world that provides efficacious response to our wellbeing needs in its techniques and remedies.



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