Health means feeling good in body and mind

Health is a perfect psychophysical equilibrium on which the quality of our lives depends, a precious gift that must be defended and maintained for as long as possible. Our treatments have always been oriented primarily first to prevention, then to cure, and represent the “vehicle” of choice to achieve, regain and maintain this precious balance.
The AbanoRitz is a salus per aquam hotel with its priceless spa spring and internal spas.

Mud-bath therapy
The DOC clay performs miracles, not only for arthritis, but also against stress: it combats it, reactivates circulation, detoxes and remineralizes the body by relaxing the muscles. The mud performs miracles for the body, mind, skin, and ... eros»
European patented mud
Like a drug, but much better. We have been saying it for years and now a Patent ensures the presence of numerous active ingredients in the spa mud that have been produced naturally during the maturation process and give it the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that have made it known throughout the world. »
Ear, Nose, and Throat
The spa water based inhalation treatment helps keep the ear, nose, and throat cavities hydrated and clean and prevents inflammatory processes that cause seasonal or chronic ailments. The AbanoRitz is unique in the area has a specialist and a specialized centre »
Rhinogenous Hearing Loss Centre
Prevention and cure of respiratory and hearing ailments using spa water.
The AbanoRitz is the only Euganean Spa hotel with a Rhinogenous Hearing Loss Centre. Besides inhalations and aerosol therapy, endotympanic insufflation, hearing examinations, intranasal washing, and extraction of ear wax plugs are performed. »
Spa waters
The richness of our spas is due to the waters, that belong to the category of deep underground waters and are chemically classified as saline-bromine-iodine thermal water with a fixed residue at 180° C of 5-6 grams of salt per litre. »
Treated Pathologies
Our thermal protocols are effective on a wide array of diseases, from which you can benefit for prevention, treatment and maintenance of a state of well-being »
Thermae and Spa prices
Browse our thermal and SPA price list in PDF »

The Medical Director

Dr. Gianfranco Calfapietra: is the Medical Director for our spa centre. A medical surgeon, he specializes in liver ailments, metabolic diseases, anaesthesia, reanimation, and pain relief medicine. He is available to evaluate your health, agree upon a custom treatment program, and assist the team of 15 RitzSPAce professionals who will help in your treatment.

Quality Guarantee

The quality of the spa treatments

mud maturation, and the entire activity of the Euganean basin are monitored by the Permanent Spa Observatory at the University of Padua with the "Pietro d’Abano" Spa Studies Centre. Based on the checks and samples performed, medical and scientific literature is constantly being produced in collaboration with prestigious universities throughout the world.



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