"The Ugly Duckling":
Vintage Restaurant

A fabled restaurant or a fabulous restaurant?

This is the AbanoRitz's vintage a la carte restaurant, a creative environment
with a menu that offers dishes that respect the palates and pamper the tastebuds.

It is currently closed to comply with the measures to deal with the Covid emergency.


"The Ugly Duckling" is open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evenings from 19:30 to 21:30.
Reservations are preferred, and you can make them at the reception desk: we only have 11 tables!
The Ugly Duckling is a place where you can feel stimulated by sensations and memories, from the belly to the heart. As in love, there are no edges. Authentic flavours, gourmand notes, and unique phrases, food that talks.

The location

The location, which has an independent entrance and is also open to the general public, is an absolutely out-of-the-box environment created by artist Walter Davanzo.

The Ugly Duckling

A fabled restaurant or a fabulous restaurant?


Terry Poletto and her staff

You will be fascinated from the start by the many details of this distinctive and intimate environment. You will be pampered by attention and recommendations from Terry Poletto and her staff, intrigued by the offers on the menu and, what counts the most, you will be delighted by the presentation and especially the flavours.



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