The European Patent of our Mud

The unique quality of our mature mud

Like a drug, but much better. We have been saying it for years and now a Patent ensures the presence of numerous active ingredients in the spa mud that have been produced naturally during the maturation process and give it the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that have made it known throughout the world.

The thermal culture in Abano is very ancient, the oldest in Europe, and was able to surpass empiricism by studying the efficiency of the raw materials through research and scientific proof.
Abano is the largest example in the world, of the prevention and cure of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, and of many articulation disorders.


European patent

number 1571203 guarantees the presence of numerous active ingredients in thermal mud, produced naturally during a controlled process of maturation. Scientific research carried out by the patent holder and research centre, Centro Studi Termali Pietro d’Abano, has allowed for its identification and has proven its efficacy in the treatment of chronic and degenerative inflammatory disorders, particularly of osteoarticular origin.

Pietro D’Abano Thermal Studies Centre

From research carried out at the Thermal Studies Centre Pietro D’Abano we can prove the anti-inflammatory effects of mud-therapy: Inflammation indicators (PGE2) are noticeably reduced in patients with osteoarticular disorders who have undergone the treatment, with benefits also for pain symptoms, seen to be reduced by up to 40%. Other research conducted by the Lombardia Region shows that thermal treatments can lower the usage of medicines by 10% enhancing the patient’s health while reducing the national health cost.

The effectiveness

Preventive action

Analgesic action

Anti-inflammatory action

Re-mineralizing action

Stimulation of cartilage reconstruction

Stimulation of the immune system

Stimulation of endorphins

Detoxification and purification



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Quality Guarantee

The quality of the spa treatments,

mud maturation, and the entire activity of the Euganean basin are monitored by the Permanent Spa Observatory at the University of Padua with the "Pietro d’Abano" Spa Studies Centre. Based on the checks and samples performed, medical and scientific literature is constantly being produced in collaboration with prestigious universities throughout the world.

Many of us have experienced at least once diseases or simple disorders such as rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis, and even muscular tension stemming from physical efforts or incorrect posture. The resulting pain is often felt in the joints, especially in the knees, but also in the neck muscles and, above all, in the back.

In moments such as these, we often use anti-inflammatory medicines such as NSAIDS which, thanks to their principles, reduce inflammation and therefore pain.
The mud in Abano is an alternative method which, based on scientific proof, can reduce the intake of such medicines.
Our thermal mud is distinctive because of the presence of specific microalgae (diatomacae and cianoficae) and, above all, cyanobacteria, such as ETS-05, which produces glycolipid substances with a high anti-inflammatory activity and with no collateral effects even after repeated treatments.



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