Rhinogenous Hearing Loss Centre

Prevention and cure of respiratory and hearing ailments using spa water

The AbanoRitz is the only Euganean Spa hotel with a Rhinogenous Hearing Loss Centre. Besides inhalations and aerosol therapy, endotympanic insufflation, hearing examinations, intranasal washing, and extraction of ear wax plugs are performed.

The therapies performed in our Rhinogenous Hearing Loss Centre

Politzer crenotherapy or endotympanic insufflation
The AbanoRitz is the only hotel facility in the Euganean Spas that offers this type of treatment, which is very important in treating rhinogenous hearing loss, or hearing loss due to inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and in the early stages of tubal failure of the middle ear, especially common in children and adolescents

Aimed at freeing the Eustachian tube and the tympanic cavity from the secretions that limit hearing, this practice drains endotympanic secretions with ventilation of the tympanic cavity and restores the physiological balance of pressure between the middle ear and outer ear.

It consists of the introduction of sulphurous spa water, according to two different methods:
Politzer: the sulphurous water is introduced through the nostrils and reaches the tympanic cavity through an increase of pressure in the middle ear, induced by a series of "piloted" swallows.
Insufflation: the water is blown directly into the middle ear, in the Eustachian tube, using a small probe.

These two types of treatments are only performed by the specialist doctor, Monday to Friday mornings. Kindly phone or email to make an appointment

Inhalations and Aerosol treatments >>

Removal of wax plugs
This is done by washing with thermal water, by suction, or with mechanical removal by a medical specialist.

Therapies for those not staying at the AbanoRitz
Our Rhinogenous Hearing Loss Centre also accepts outside visits, by appointment. So, you don't need to stay at the AbanoRitz to take advantage of the inhalation or insufflation therapy.



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