FAQ AbanoRitz


• What time is check-in and check-out?
• Does the hotel have charging points for electric cars?
• Where can I park close to the hotel?
• How can I reach the AbanoRitz Hotel?
• Is the hotel child-friendly?


• Is the hotel equipped with rooms and facilities for the disabled?
• Which services are included in the room reservation?
• Which additional services does the hotel offer?
• Are dogs or other pets allowed in the hotel?
• Does the Hotel have a Wi-Fi connection?


• At what time are meals served?
• Are meals served at the table or is it a buffet?


• What are the swimming pool opening times?
• Can people who are not guests of the hotel use the swimming pools?
• Do you supply bathrobes and pool towels?
• Are the indoor and outdoor pools communicating?
• Is the use of the swimming cup compulsory?
• What is the temperature of the pools?


• Do I have to book to have access to the spa treatments?
• What time is the spa reception open?
• When time/days are the treatments available?
• What are spa treatments and how can I take advantage of the agreement with the local health care centre?



AbanoRitz Spa Wellfeeling Resort Italy - Abano Terme, Padova - Via Monteortone, 19
Tel. +39 049 8633100 - Fax +39 049 667549 - Direct booking +39 049 8633444 / 5
E-mail: abanoritz@abanoritz.it - Skype address: Abanoritz
S.I.R.A. Srl - P.Iva 00333440287

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